Whole Soft Red Wheat

Whole Soft Red Wheat

Usually only available to large distilleries in bulk, premium distillery grains now available in smaller quantities for other uses.

"Wheated"" whiskies, which use wheat in their grain bill (often in place of rye) are usually known for their smooth character and full body. Pappy Van Winkle and Makers Mark are some of the most notable ""wheated"" whiskies. Tradition has it that Makers Mark perfected their mash bill by making bread with their ingredient ratios, and the winning loaf in the taste test solidified their recipe!

This premium Soft Red Wheat has been expertly cleaned to reduce dust and dirt, husks, and stalks. Less impurities often produces a higher yield in the still -- dirt and chaff don't produce any fermentable sugar, after all.

"Soft"" red wheat is a variety that is lower in protein than "hard" wheats, making it more suited for sugar extraction and distilling. In your mash bill, Soft Red Wheat may add a sweet, honeyed, cereal flavor. People who drink wheated whiskies say they’re sweeter and smoother, even softer/fruitier, like freshly baked bread. Science backs this up: the distillation of wheat is important to the production of 1-pentanol, an alcohol that imparts flavors of bread, cereal and yeast.

Some distillers also use wheat in the production of vodka or other spirits.

Gold Stone Mill offers both whole grain, if you wish to mill it yourself, or a fine grind option if you want to skip the milling and get straight to production.

Larger volume (200lb+) may result in price breaks, please contact Gold Stone Mill (www.goldstonemill.com) directly to inquire about their services.

This is a raw agricultural product and is not intended for human consumption without processing.